REINAS–Daughter of the MUJERES show–At Rock Rose Gallery in LA through Sat, June 7

Reinas at Rock Rose
Mujer Iguana by Sandra Uribe
Mujer Iguana by Sandra Uribe










There was so much beautiful artwork for the Mujeres show that one venue–Echoes Under Sunset–could not hold it all. So the lovely and generous Rosamaria Marquez stepped in and created a show with the overabundance at her own Rock Rose Gallery in Highland Park. This is the last week of the show, running through Saturday, by appointment.

Please join us at the Rock Rose Gallery for a public closing reception with the artists–enjoy some wine, some music–and best of all, snag the chance to meet the charming Rosamaria in her eclectic, character-packed space; you will love it (and her) as much as I do:  Saturday, June 7,  8-10 PM.

life cycles: mary/venus--grace and sex
life cycles: mary/venus–grace and sex
life cycles: jesus/prometheus/osiris--sacrifice & regeneration
life cycles: jesus/prometheus/osiris–sacrifice & regeneration




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