–Portraits of the Animal Variety

Between 2009 and 2010, early in the economic crash, I found myself suddenly day-job-less, and collectors were few and far between in those scary times. (Not that I am confident scary times have passed, but, for better and worse, I have since begun to day-job again.) Some friends approached me about doing a portrait of their cat; she is the kind of totem-cat, wise-woman, mother/sister/friend that my old sweetheart, Mamán, had been to me. I was pretty fried at the time, short on ideas, so I experimented with a variety of approaches…which led me to and through collage…which led to other commissions to do collage pet portraits…which I eventually adapted to combine with painting. They are some of the most insane, finger-hurting, time-ineffective things I’ve ever done (when razor-cutting minute details, smaller is most decidedly not better), but, as ever, they taught me. And the time with the subjects was kind of sweet.

Still…I tend to bury them…Only love (and severest necessity) will make me clear out the paint and replace it with paper. Unless, of course, I someday arrive at a place with enough room for more than one work station/living space at a time. And develop super-duper finger strength. And my near vision returns. Until then, pet portraits are strictly on the DL…


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